Aina Lighting set up Beijing Office on Sep 16th, 2019.

Aina Lighting set up Beijing Office on Sep 16th, 2019.

Aina Lighting was founded in 2016, until now is already 6 years. All these 6 years, we only have one sales office in Shanghai. As the more sales we have, one sales office is already not enough for us, so we choose Beijing as the place of our second office.  

Beijing Office is mainly focusing on Export Business. It will in charge of all the overseas market. Our lights are already reached to over 10 countries such as Philippines, Thailand, Nigeria, Zambia, France, Austria, UK, Poland, Fiji, Peru, Jamaica and Peru.

After Beijing office is set up, Shanghai office as our headquarter will be mainly for local market and New lighting design. R&D center will be set up in Shanghai Center. And Shanghai office will be the bridge between the sales and our factories.

Beijing office will start from 5 sales representatives. Three departments will be set up for Beijing office within 2 years. These three departments are mainly for Europe Countries & Asia, Central & South America market, Africa & Oceania countries. Different people will handle different markets and different markets will use different promotion ways, so that we can know the overseas markets better than before. Our lights will be also improved based the different requirements from different markets.

Aina Beiijng office is located in Changping, which is called the back yard of Beijing. It’s also near the subway station of Changping line, and airport of Beijing that is easier for customers to visit.

A new show room will be set up soon in Beijing office, so that the customers can see all the lights in our sales office before arrive in factory. All the lights that are handled by Aina Lighting will be list in our show room in Beijing office.

Aina Lighting Beijing Office will be developed well soon! Hope we can set more offices here in China or in other countries soon.

Post time: Aug-25-2020