Ceiling Mount Air Disinfection System Based on UVC LED to be Applied in Schools

Energy Harness, a Purdue University affiliated LED lighting manufacturer develop an air disinfection system which can be attached to ceiling to clean the air from upper part of the room with UVC light delivered by embedded LEDs.

According to Purdue University, the device is designed to utilize the effectiveness of UVC light in killing the SARS-COV-2 family of pathogens. Patricio M. Daneri, managing director of Energy’s Midwest division, said, “Our Active Airflow unit provides the added advantage of safe usage during the school day in occupied classrooms. The unit has a fan system to draw in the air, where it is cleaned and then cycled back into the room.”

The company plans to install the ceiling mount air disinfection system for the coming school year for two schools in central Indiana State in the U.S.

Many researchers have proven that UVC light can effectively diminish pathogens of COVID-19. A wide range of applications based on UVC LED technology are also launched to prevent spread of the disease. A survey of LRC showed that upper-room air purification products are the most popular disinfection products among consumer at the point.

People usually only know that UV light is viable to kill bacteria and viruses, but they are not aware of the details about wavelength or ililluminance. For the manufacturers who had planned to end production of conventional lighting, this UVC trend for lamps become a big surprise. Take Signify for example, it is magnifying product categories and lines and invested UV lamp producer, GLA, in Netherland, indicating that the heat of UVC conventional lamp will not fade away in short.

Post time: Aug-25-2020